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AstraZeneca Annual Report
and Form 20-F Information 2014

What science can do

At AstraZeneca, each and every one of us is bold in the belief that science should be at the centre of everything we do.

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Science compels us to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Read AstraZeneca at a glance

Therapy area sales

Cardiovascular and Metabolic diseases


Respiratory, Inflammation and Autoimmunity

Infection, Neuroscience and Gastrointestinal

(2013: $8,830m)
(2013: $3,193m)
(2013: $4,677m)
(2013: $9,011m)

2014 was a remarkable year that shows what AstraZeneca can achieve by following the science.

Read the Chief Executive Officer’s Review

Development projects

Development projects in 2014
  • Phase I 40
  • Phase II 35
  • Late-stage development 321
  • LCM projects 262
Development projects in 2013
  • Phase I 33
  • Phase II 27
  • Late-stage development 193
  • LCM projects 204
Development projects in 2012
  • Phase I 29
  • Phase II 24
  • Late-stage development 75
  • LCM projects 236
  • Phase I
  • Phase II
  • Late-stage
  • LCM projects

Footnotes can be found in the Chief Executive Officer’s Review

We trust in the potential of ideas and pursue them, alone and with others, until we have transformed the treatment of disease.

Business model

How we create and sustain value over the life-cycle of a medicine across our chosen therapy areas

Business model

Strategic priorities

Inputs More information


  • Unmet medical need
  • Economic, social and political environment
  • Science and technology
  • Employees
  • Relationships
  • IP
  • Infrastructure

Investment More information

Investment, including targeted business development, in the R&D, Manufacturing and Supply, and Sales and Marketing of innovative medicines

Outputs More information


  • Life-changing medicines
    • Improved health outcomes
    • Improved access to healthcare
    • Reduced healthcare costs
    • Community development
  • Revenue and cash flow
  • Returns to shareholders

Reinvestment More information

Reinvestment of returns from sales, collaborations, out-licensing and divestments into the business and business development to develop and sustain the next generation of innovative medicines

Established products Growth platforms Pipeline

Purpose and values

As 2014 finished, it brought to a close an exceptional year for AstraZeneca.

Read the Chairman’s Statement
Net cash shareholder distributions increased by 9% (Actual growth) to $3,242 million (2013: $2,979 million; 2012: $5,871 million)

Your feedback is important to us.

We welcome your feedback on our 2014 Annual Report. To access and participate in this short survey please use the link on the Downloads page, or within the footer of this site.