AstraZeneca Annual Report and Form 20-F Information 2011


We are further developing a talented and diverse workforce in a high performance culture

Lynn Tetrault
Executive Vice-President, Human Resources & Corporate Affairs


Engaged employees, who are true to our core values, supported by accountable and empowered leaders driving performance, underpin the continued success of our business”

  • 84%

    Employee engagement FOCUS score rose to 84%





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With approximately 57,200 people in over 100 countries worldwide, we value the talents, skills and capabilities that a global workforce brings to our business. Our people strategy, which defines our approach to managing our workforce and supports the delivery of our business strategy, is built around four key priorities which we believe are critical: acquiring and retaining key capabilities and talent; further developing leadership and management capabilities; improving the strength and diversity of the talent pipeline; and improving employee engagement while building a high performance culture. Managing significant change in the organisation’s workforce is also something to which considerable management attention is directed. We use a range of metrics to track progress against these priorities, which are reported quarterly to the SET.

During 2011, we hired approximately 6,400 permanent employees to replace leavers, to fuel the expansion of our business in Emerging Markets and to build the new capabilities required to implement our strategy successfully. With 1,400 of the new hires having joined AstraZeneca in China and 400 in Russia, we have developed a range of innovative approaches to ensure that we have an attractive employer brand globally and to help us achieve our ambitious growth plans in these markets. During the course of the year, we have also successfully attracted key talent to supplement critical capabilities across the business, including in payer excellence and personalised healthcare, and to refresh our leadership pipeline in key areas.

In parallel, we have invested significant management time over the last 12 months to better understand the key drivers influencing employees’ decisions to leave across the business, particularly in markets where conditions are most volatile. We have implemented a range of initiatives to minimise the risks to the business from such attrition.

Our strategic priorties to 2014


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